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The TSM CERAMIC from TJ ISOL NANOTECH Gmbh is a liquid insulating material with excellent quality for 0,5-3 mm thickness für insulation of buildings, tank farms, reactors, heat exchangers, silos, pipelines, cars, busses, trains, ships, planes, ... etc. for insulation inside and outside.!

-50 °C und +250 °C Surroundings

You don´t like your old isolation? With A TSM Ceramic you can recreate your isolation in 1-2 mm thickness and other colour.

Heat-, Water-, Noiseinsulation • Rust protection • Avoids the formation of condensed water • Quick and clean completion • Refuses the admittance of UV radiation, has got a long durability • Waterproof • 1-2 mm thickness for floor heatings and heating systems • Noise prevention • Welding seams can be X-rayed
Can be coloured inCE, EMI Quality

Fields of application:

13+1 arguments - about it is not a standard product

1. Thin 2. Warranty 3. Long living 4. Waterproof 5. Fire proof
Thin Warranty Long living Waterproof Fire proof
Min. 0,5 max 3 mm Warranty for 10 years Minimum living 20 years in -50 °C und +250 °C Surroundings Waterproof against rain; 0,03g/m3 Fire proof,
not flammable
6. Removes mold formation 7. Avoids corrosion 8. Heat insulation 9. Don´t stimulates allergies 10. Flexible
Removes mold formation Avoids corrosion Heat insulation Don´t stimulates allergies Flexible
Avoids mold formation Resistant to corrosion In summer buildings are cold, in winter warm;
d= 0,001W/m2°C
Without allergies
(synthetic rubber, vacumm-ceramic-granulate)
Flexible, light material
11. Adhesion 12. Cleaning 13. UV protection 13+1.
Adhesion Cleaning UV protection

We are sure you find more options
to use TSM Ceramic!

Excellent adhesion on metal (1,53MPa), wood (1,84MPa), plastic, brick, rubber, cement (1,84MPa) etc.. Cleaning with steam or high pressure Restoratoin of flat roofs with 1-2 mm thickness TSM Ceramic
is an intelligent material.
It started its way in the orbit.
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